Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Fashion Blogging

In two weeks I am attending a premiere for a film I happen to be in. I am wondering how I should approach the event style wise. So I thought why not take some cues from Hollywood and see how the big dogs roll up to the red carpet (although there will be no red carpet for me and a lot less people and cameras and fan fare and well...none of it)

My lady suggests I kick it George Clooney style. Black on black, sophisticated and simple. But where do I hide my flask?

Perhaps the monochromatic look sported by Brad Pitt. I quite like this, but I think if I showed up with sunglasses I would get my ass whoop'd. Just saying, Chicago is not LA.

This is the exact opposite of what I was thinking of...

More gray, it is early spring, and I do own a three piece. However I am not David Beckham...I can still play soccer cuz my Achilles is just fine (too soon?).

Finally I could go the casual route and not look like a pretentious actor. Yes I understand that being an actor being pretentious is a default, but no reason to stigmatize the stereotype further, right? I think I will go this route to a degree. Perhaps switch the vest with a suit jacket and forgo the chain fob.

Well that's all I got this week. Till next time rock the eff on!

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