Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Fashion Blogging

Caulfield Preparatory is bad ass. The designer is Vincent Flumiani who is inspired by a character he created F.N. Sinclair. What you get is a modern take on prep classics. It is available at limited retailers and online right now, however expect to see more as GQ just gave it some buzz. I like where this is headed, it is almost like Cali skate meets Polo Prep. Not sure if that's what Flumiani is going for...but that is what I find cool about it.

I need a new gray suit and why not one with piping striped lapels. Not sure what this guy is doing here...perhaps he wants to prove a man in glasses is tough?

Color on color is spring. I don't think this guy knew what to do with his hands.

I want to be on a boat in a pea-coat.

If my car breaks down on the side of a dessert road, I hope I am found in this outfit with a guitar around my neck.

Have a great weekend! That's all for me, now. Gonna rock tee, woven, hoodie, mancessories, dark denim and boots tonight. U?

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