Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Fashion Blogging

I am going to head to an outdoor mall this weekend and pick up some new wear. These looks come from Nice Collective were brought to my attention by my old friend D. I don’t know about walking around making the gazing eyes like these dudes do here…but some intriguing pieces that can be used in many different ways. You can find more here at the Fashionisto or the Nice Collective site. I personally am not a fan of capris. Shorts do just fine, but if it is you I suggest going for it (unless of course you are shorter, then just wear pants).

A fan of each piece on its own. Not a fan of Duran Duran inspired haircuts.

With jeans. Not capris. Or as I call them Manpris.

The leg at an angle says I don't conform to the rules of standing.

This look was rejected for an alternate Jedi outfit in the Phantom Menace. Really? I get that fashion is supposed to be inspiring, but this outfit is fine on its own. Why make the guy pose all Anakin like "I am gonna be the greatest Jedi everrrr!"

This I get.

Is that the "stanky leg" I see? This entire outfit I would rock. Could even dress it up a bit, vintage woven and skinny tie.

Not gonna lie the hat doesn't fit. It should fit. The shirt is what I have been looking for since last year.

That's the blogging on the fashions for this week. I would have to say overall Nice Collective has a great Spring line. And it has me thinking...the sun is shining in Chicago...April is around the corner. I can almost feel it...will make it...


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