Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ensign Should Have an EA Sports Game

Then maybe we would hear about this shit. Question, is Sen. John Ensign going to be forced to resign?

David Kurtz of TPM:

Reports last night in Las Vegas and this afternoon in DC suggest that the FBI's investigation into Sen. John Ensign (R-NV) is the real deal. At issue is whether Ensign did anything criminally wrong as he tried to extricate himself from his affair with his campaign staffer, the wife of his Senate staffer, and then help the husband find employment and business opportunities elsewhere. My sense initially was that the investigation might be a bit of a stretch, where the FBI would take a quick look and determine there wasn't enough there to pursue. But clearly that's not what has happened.

Why is this not in Inquirer or on US Weekly? The main reason; Ensign doesn't play golf, he is a Republican and he is part of "the Family." This story however is bad as it gets. Asking your parents to pay of your mistress' husband....dude....this should at least be a Lifetime movie.

Possible Titles:

Nevada Nights: Senatorial Love Affair
Hot & Heavy, Where's my Daddy?
Cash Affair, The John Ensign Story
A Senator and the Hot Seat

Sample Awesome Dialog:

Ensign: Dad, I need your wallet and a morning after pill

Mistress: You stole my heart, but you better get my husband a well paying job, 401k plan and dental!

Ensign's Father: Son, this is worse than that time you slept with the principal's wife on prom night

Ensign (during passion scene): I am going to filibust you all night!

Don't forget to tune into Lifetime tonight starring Alan Thicke as Sen. John Ensign!

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