Monday, February 15, 2010

Watching the Olympics

The best story thus far has been the first Olympic gold for Canada by Alexandre Bilodeau in the moguls. The lady and I watched it live and although we were confused by the end result, thought 6th place for the last skier was harsh, it was great to hear an athlete put everything in perspective. Bilodeau's brother suffers from cerebral paulsy. He attended the event and was there standing in support for his brother the entire time. It was quite touching and a story that made you realize why we watch the Olympics.

As much as I poke fun, human achievement and personal triumphs are what makes the Olympics worth watching. So, I will spend most of this day off playing guitar and hoping to see more stories just like Alexandre Bilodeau's.

Of course this makes me a socialist wuss who should move to Canada, ey.

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