Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Movement on DADT

It seems that Obama was serious when he stated in his SOTU that he would repeal "Don't Ask Don't Tell." Today top defense officials called for an end to the despicable policy implemented 16 years ago.

Sullivan has a wrap up of their statements:

Gates' statement had all the usual Gates touches: a commitment to objective, calm, and professional review. And it has a plea to outsiders not to overly politicize this by using soldiers and their families as pawns in the debate. The bottom line is a 45 day review to make sure that the current policy is being applied fairly and a year-long review to examine every aspect of this proposed change.

But Mullen's statement was a stunner. He did more than endorse this long process of inquiry and debate and to ensure that the current policy is implemented more fairly - so that anyone with a grievance against a gay servicemember can out him or her and end his or her career.

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff stated before Congress that he personally believed the policy violated a core principle of the US military: integrity. He said that requiring servicemembers to lie as part of their duty to their country violated their integrity as soldiers and the military's integrity itself. He said, in other words, that the current policy is dishonorable.

Meanwhile Glenn Greenwald has a thorough take down of the opposition to the repeal and their "Testosterone-laden tough guys." Why do people with no military background whatsoever always tend to pop up and speak for the military when these things come about, I'll never know.

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