Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Miss Howard Dean

DNCC Tim Kaine's winning strategy!

The Hill:

During a Wednesday appearance on MNSBC’s “Morning Joe” program, Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine cited historical trends in suggesting he expects Republicans to pick up congressional seats this November.

Kaine said, “Presidential midterms since Teddy Roosevelt have been very tough. The average president loses 28 seats, four Senate seats and governors’ races. And we’re not living in average times. We’re living in times of significant economic anxiety.”

Other Democrats are taking a similar tack.

I miss Howard Dean. I miss when leadership existed in the Democratic Party. The reason why Dems might lose seats are not because people are tired of them or because "well that's the trend." It is because the DNC hasn't done enough and they keeping letting Republicans talk, lie and spread loads of misinformation. Just look at the Stimulus! It worked. It wasn't big enough because it was watered down by Centrists and the Republicans, however every report, every newscast has some asshat trouncing its contribution to economic recovery. Fact: without it we would be in a Depression not a Recession.

The Democratic Party will always give up seats if it doesn't learn to get out first. Some of these seats demographically were won by Blue Dogs who deserve to lose their seats anyway, but those you give up that you have a chance to win, well it is strategies like this that lead to failure.

The Republican Party is only out there to serve the interests of the Republican Party and so they had a plan from the get go "No." That has been it and it may work because after they say "No" they go out on every media outlet and blame their obstruction and failure to govern over the last 20 years on the Democratic Party. And why do they get away with it? Because of ball-less shit for brains like Tim Kaine.

The people of the United State of America right now have amnesia. The Democratic Party needs to jog their memory. In one year the Republican Party has not changed a bit of their ideology, the same ideology that put us to the brink of the second great Depression. It is really not that difficult. To lose to regurgitated nothingness is without excuse. No if's and's or but's about it.

This is an increasingly frustrating development. I need a drink.

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sterno said...

His statement is generally true. However, the problem is that the public is generally pissed of at the powers that be, whoever they are. They see bankers getting big checks while they are getting canned. Democrats now own that about as much as Republicans and they aren't making the case otherwise very well.

I don't know that it's the DNC chairman's job to make the case though. His job is to organize and raise money and I don't get the sense that Kaine is doing any of that. He's a figure eyebrow at best.

Dean did the job. I grant that he was to some extent riding an existing wave but I've little doubt that his decision to better fund state orgs really helped the Dems take seats they'd long written off.

Yeah... drink sounds good :)

Asian-American Pundit said...

Yes his statement in general might be true, but you just don't concede defeat apathetically as he did.

It is part of systematic failure amongst Dems and he as chairman should have a better message.

Yes a drink sounds good and I will have many in San Diego :)