Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Today is going to be full of busy designing. I am working on some projects for various people in the Chi City...oh and my job. Not sure how much I will be on this thing, but I will try my darnedest. Today is a potentially big day for my lady, so please send positive energy her way. She has been working harder than anyone I know to excel and I am hoping it pays off. If I put in half the effort she does, I would probably be running JP Morgan Chase by now. Heck I could be Reppin for Illinois you could call me the Asian Dan Seals. I like that. Asian Dan Seals, sounds like a rare seal found off the coast of China! So good luck my lady!

Here are your highlights:

Judging the Stimulus, more facts that it has worked, but we still need more

If you care...Meet the Chicago American Idol hopefuls

Asking the Troops about Don't Ask Don't Tell
, makes the wing nuts look nuttier. I repeat, THEY HAVE NO ARGUMENT. Repeal the damn thing already.

The Risks behind Google and the US's diplomatic alliance

Paterson's BIG STORY IS SO HUGE IT IS WELL...not that big of deal

CPAC, the conservative get together of awesome will feature Teabaggers and a Pelosi Pinata with a Harry Reid punching bag. Man that is funny. So funny. I am dying laughing right now. *Headslamondesk


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