Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

So I finally after a long, long time I was able to watch Public Enemies (yes I know I am late to the bus) with my lady. Must say the coolest part was seeing how many scenes included the block she used to live on. And the subtle catch of O'Hagan's in the background ( a lovely Irish Pub) was a plus to what was overall an enjoyable movie. Not fantastical, but still exciting enough to have us wanting to look up the real story behind John Dillinger and the gang. The idea that times were rough and men were out robbing banks seemed so surreal in today's times, but you never know with the current 1937 approach to economics we have going right now...nawwwww. Tonight is Laughing Liberally at the No Exit Cafe, the show starts at 8pm and it was a top pick by the Metromix Chicago! Lady and I will be in the audience, so stop by and say hello to the two hot as hell ninjas if you get a chance.

Here are your highlights:

Illinois Election Results, still no concession from Hynes for Democratic Governor nod

Hey what a great idea! AIG employees to get 100 million bones worth of bonuses

Douchebag is the only way to describe Rep. Duncan Hunter who claims repealing DADT will lead to a hermaphrodite army!

KICK-ASS the movie gets another trailer

What Today's Republican Believe
is very sad for them and for our country

With the Super Bowl just around the corner, how about some CAKE

The bedwetters have been out and about, from the Rudy's to the Suzie's. "We can't try scary terrorists in Federal court", but we have and we can. What's even worse is the blatant support for torture of the "Undie Bomber" or any other terrorist, it is stupid and those even hinting at it should be ashamed.


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