Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

Man am all kinds of backwards today. Woke up disoriented. Looked outside and it is snowing, not as much a predicted. I called into the "work weather hotline" only to hear I just HAD to come in. Pffft. Of course up north of the main office it is snowing quite a bit more, the schools are closed and the roads aren't nearly as clear. Plus the CTA was packed, WTF (you know I managed a seat cuz that's how I roll). Tonight is Drinking Liberally and rumor has it will be graced by founding father. Rock on. Lots of bbq to eat. Lots of beer to drink. 7pm tonight at Sheffield's. Be there or be Glenn Beck!

Here are your highlights:

Scott Lee Cohen steps down from the Lt. Governor race in IL, and the replacements are flooding in for a piece

JUICY! Tea Partiers vs. Ron Paul. Proof yet again the Tea Partiers are xenophobic, homophobic, paranoid racists under the guise of fiscal conservatism and American catch phrases

Lil Wayne getting sentenced

Cooool, 165 million old spider found preserved

Coheed and Cambria: NEW SONG! Eff yes.

Obama's bipartisan super summit for health care was greeted with no seriousness whatsoever by the GOP, who would have thought? And the new phrase for Obama and the Dems..."Finish the Kitchen"


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Paddy K said...

To be honest, after their last offering, I'd pretty much written off Coheed & Cambria... I like this new track, though.