Thursday, February 18, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

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Wow what an Olympic day! USA USA USA! Vonn, Davis and White all with Olympic gold. After the non-stop hyping of these three it was truly pleasant to see the excel. Of the three I was rooting for Shaun White the most. The kid is sick. He proved to everyone that not only is snowboarding the future of the Olympics, but that he is the Tony Hawk of the sport. Rock the eff on. I don't have much else to say about that. This weekend the lady and I will be going to see Shakespeare and then on Sunday I will be doing extra work for a friends teevee pilot. So if you are like me you can't wait to get the weekend.

Here are your highlights:

The Health Care Monopolies raise rates cuz they can. You know what you should do Congress, Pass the Public Option through reconciliation

Oh hanging people it's not extremist, it's the Tax Tea Party way

HELP WANTED: Dar Mayer needs aldermen

The last sane conservative

Amazing: Where to buy all the shirts Sheldon wears in the Big Bang Theory

The Rich and their Taxes
. Reading this might make you sick to your stomach or it might be a stark reminder of how much we need tax reform starting with the repeal of the Bush Tax Cuts. I am okay with people making a living and I am okay with people not wanting to pay as much taxes despite their selfish nature. What I am not okay with is the assumption the we benefit from the rich, but the rich do not benefit from us. Without us underlings who is going to fluff their undergarments, who is going to fix the brakes on their automobiles, who is going to TEACH their children how to loathe the poor, who is going to put the fire out on the mistress's panties, who is going make their delicious meals, who is going to make a discovery or invent a computer chip which they can then claim as their own under shizzy copyright laws, who is going to purchase their overpriced handbag line that daddy let them start when they were 12, who fugg it. The Masters of the Universe have spoken, I know so I shouldn't be questioning them. But for Chrisssake, even Warren Buffet thinks he should be taxed more.


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