Thursday, February 11, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

Wait the Olympics is a coming ey? To Vancouver ey? Man, how did I miss one of the lamest get togethers of non-sport activities ey. Luging, curling, bobsledding, figure skating, skiing and speed skating, ey!!! Does one of these also including rifles...ey? Can't wait for the opening ceremonies though, they always seem to be a trippy version of Disney's Epcot center. I think the lady and I are going to drink warm cider, wear our North Face and run down the halls in skii boots and spandex. Sounds like a solid plan, ey. The best way to celebrate the Winter Olympics is to well join in ey!

Here are your highlights:

Bought Sold and Proud of It: Congress and bankers a love story

More "lowered expectations" from the White House on jobs, wonder if they will do something about that...

SPEAKER MADIGAN HAS SPOKEN, just get rid of the Lt. Governor altogether

At your desktop is the Mouse dead?

Washington Post = the Washington Village. I can officially say that the WaPo is dead to me

Speaking of MEDIA FAIL, the Climate deniers are using the snow in and around DC as sign that Global Climate Change is a hoax. Inhofe is not of another opinion of merit, he is a hack politician paid and bought by the energy companies. Let me explain this to you simply. The earth is warmer, water levels drop and evaporate...then you get precipitation....and snow is precipitation. The DC area is not used to the snow, have you seen how they have reacted? It is a change in their climate and exactly what scientists SAID would happen.


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