Thursday, February 4, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

Dear guy who lives below my lady,
BACK. THE. EFF. OFF. Dude I might be against our two current wars, but I am not against going to war with some emo punk Pete Wentz wannabe douchebag busboy. Oh yeah you are all those things. I am also so hardcore that I am complaining about you at my blogspot because that's how tough I am! I declare RAGE on you! So, if you haven't guessed it, the guy aka Emopunkdouche who lives below my lady left a note under her door complaining that she needs to keep it down in the morning because it is ruining his beauty rest. Who knew vampires slept at night? This is of course ridiculous considering the fact the Emopunkdouche is "recording" his opus non-stop and it sounds like a rock concert at her feet (also mine cuz not gonna lie I am there a lot). Emopunkdouche, here's an idea; record in a studio NOT a studio apartment like a REAL MUSICIAN! Stop slitting your wrists or tattooing song lyrics on your arms with cute birdies and anchors (cuz let's face it you were never in the Navy) that are supposed to represent your struggles as an upper middle class white suburban male. We get it. You didn't get the girl. Your Daddy didn't hug you enough. Fall Out Boy is breaking up. Single fuggin tear and you hate life. But here is one thing you don't know, I don't actually live there which means I have no problem putting you in a figure four leg lock, followed by the "People's elbow", do I make myself clear? Oh and I am letting you off easy because you wouldn't even last one round with my lady biotch.

Here are your highlights:

The Funneling of Dirty Cashing into America: Lawyers, Guns and Money

Franken 1- McCain 0

New Study: Altitude Causes Weight Loss

During a recession, Americans find hope and spending money at the movies

Jobs report worse, much worse

A new Gallup Poll shows a shift amongst Asian-Americans, WE LEAN LEFT!

Behind close doors, the White House has been pushing to PASS.THE.DAMN. BILL. As health spending in America hit record proportions last year. Time is of the essence. Call your Senators fix the bill. Call your Representatives pass the bill.


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