Monday, February 15, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Monday

What a fast action weekend. The lady and I spent all weekend together watching the Olympics, sipping on bubbly and enjoying nice home cooked meals (she makes a mean goat cheese taco and I make some mean scrambled eggs). Last night we went to a nice restaurant, had a delicious meal and knocked out a bottle of wine. Hint: The place was owned by our most famous sports broadcaster. Overall a great holiday weekend, just sucks since lady doesn't get today off. HOW UNAMERICAN IS THAT?! So I am chilling, playing guitar and watching the Olympics by my lonesome. Single tear. Happy Presidents Day! And check out the amazing stop motion video above, truly amazing!

Here are your highlights:

The Premature Exit: Somebody needs to do something or we won't be talking about 1937 anymore...

Again still not doing enough, Housing worries in America

Elections, they matter

I am not shocked and quite happy about this, Evan Bayh to retire. He is everything I can stand about the Senate.

There is a difference between Amy Bishop and what we have been seeing from the Right Wing

Lynch Coates, I read this post and was surprisingly sad instead of infuriated. When people use lynching to threaten anyonem let alone a writer who was expressing an opinion, it is disgusting. This type of hate is unfortunately deep seeded in America and it is the most vile of expressions. We have come far, but have much farther to go.


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