Monday, February 1, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Monday

Another lovely weekend with the lady. Another reminder of how insane our country is and how do I know this? Well Miss America and the Grammy's. I know, I know what was Frank doing watching both?! I WAS FRIGGIN CHUCKIN SHIZ AT THE TEEVEE THAT'S WHAT! The lady likes these things, so this weekend it was enjoy delicious wings and burgers with friends and watch how dumb America is for two to four hours on teevee. Got it? Good. First off WTF is Rush Limbaugh doing as a judge of anyone or anything? Second Taylor Swift and Beyonce win every fuggin award? What happened to being an artist? Or possibly having a good album to be nominated let alone win? Like I said this world is insane. Three no talent ass clowns getting glory. Another sign we are doomed. All doomed. At least Miss Virginia won Miss America. Some hometown repping!

Here are your highlights:

Obama's Budget, of course the numbers will be emphasized more than the actually substance. Media fail alllll week is to be expected.

Uh-oh more just like Bush...DADT getting some movement in the Pentagon

GOP and the military
, why aren't people making a bigger deal about how they just don't agree anymore....

Oh yeah!!! Jersey Shore back for a Season 2

Tea Party still internally destroying itself mauahahahahuaahahahaha

Boxing Round-Up

In Illinois, it is on. Local elections are heating up. The lady is already tired of the scathing ads opponents are hurling at one another. My guess in these early races is that it is anyone's game. Who knows who will show up to vote? And with Scott Brown's win in Mass, I do know the Republicans in Illinois are on cloud nine. Expect a heavy turnout there with at least one wing nut sneaking through...


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