Friday, February 19, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Friday

Big news! I am going on a much needed vacation. The lady's luck was kind to the both of us, so tomorrow we will be flying out to the "Whale's Vagina" aka San Diego. How cool is that? Long story short, she has a work gig and I get to tag along. Much needed. Couldn't come at a better time. Neither of us have been to San Diego, probably will hit up the Zoo, maybe a bar or two, any thoughts? Last night was another great showing for USA. Some guy who dances on ice without falling won gold and the the US women are held it down in both snowboarding and skiing. I can't wait to get to the sun. No more of the winter yellow Frank ya'll!

Here are your highlights:

Black Farmers get an overdue settlement

Elizabeth Warren on CRE, we are not out of the water yet

HACK THE PLANET! Any administration going forward needs to do something about cyber security. It is our gaping hole.

Meet DC Comics Executive Management Team, I am so old I remember when Jim Lee was penciling a biracial Psylocke

Evan Bayh might be useful after all

Our sick and twisted post 9/11 world has lost the meaning of terrorism. As more information is released about Joseph Stack, the Austin plane crash pilot, we are reminded that "terrorists" in the media and according to the Right can only be Muslims. We also have learned just how idiotic Scott Brown, the new golden one of neo-cons, truly is...thank you Massachusetts for this intellectually light egotist.


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