Friday, February 5, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Friday

Aww Friday. Finally here and thank mothereffin Jeebus! I have had it already with this week. Last night I did some last minute recording for a short film I was in, so that was good. I surprised my lady for our anniversary with some bubbly and a new book of hilarity. And I rocked out. So all in all last night was fine, but damn today needs to end already. I am in one of those moods where it is like, ok I showed up to work, pay me and let me get out of here. Superbowl weekend is upon us! I have to say although the Colts are the favorite, there is nothing more I hope for then that team losing. Colts fans are like the guy who meets you at a bar when you are out with buddies cuz he saw it on Facebook and went even though he wasn't invited. They have chin strap goatees, smell of Copenhagen dip and have a holier than though attitude. I can't stand them. In other words, Go Saints! America's team!

Here are your highlights:

Fiscal Scare Tactics, Krugman explains that the deficit doomsayers are full of it, maybe he should tell his own paper that...

If you want to know how not to govern during a recession see California.

Chicago Panhandler has been arrested 178 times!

Sen. Richard Shelby = everything that is wrong with our system oh and what a prick

WTF is going on, on Pluto?

Check out Blacklava for all your Asian-American hipster needs, the site was redesigned last month and looks great. I recently purchased the "Angry Asian America" tee and am looking to get some of their hilarious buttons as well. No they did not pay me to say this and yes, they rock.


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