Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cuz That's How Chicago Rolls

Sun Times:

Chicago gets "A" for snow removal from group

The forecast: a mighty winter blizzard sure to dump a record-setting blanket of snow that will grow from inches to feet overnight, just in time for rush hour.

When it happened this month in Washington, they called it “Snowpocalypse” and an overwhelmed city couldn’t keep its streets clear. When it happened last week in Chicago, they called it “Tuesday” and kept the blacktop black from first flakes to final drifts.

“I’d take my plow drivers and put them up against anyone in North America,” said Bobby Richardson, Chicago’s snow removal boss. “Ten inches, a foot of snow? That’s nothing for us. Nothing.”

That’s not the case outside of Chicago and other cities in the American snow belt, where the strategy for cleaning the streets of winter’s wrath is often based on a calculated risk that snow won’t fall where snow usually doesn’t. Most years, that gamble pays off. But this winter, historic blizzards have struck cities where traffic-snarling snowfalls are rare or even unheard of, exposing the dangers of counting on the Big One not to hit.

“You won’t see bare pavement for at least three weeks — and that’s if we don’t get another snow next week,” Steve Shannon, an operations manager at the Virginia Department of Transportation, said late last week about suburban Washington’s Fairfax County.

Being from Fairfax County, I stick to what I have stated in the past; the powers that be just don't care to deal with snow. Maybe after the "Snowpocalypse" they will at least consider a contingency plan.

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