Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sullivan Fears Palin


I fear her.

The indifference to reality, the cult-like connection with the gun-clingers, the charisma, the cunning, the fraud: this is like a second Bush utterly unleashed from any connection to the GOP's more civil and expansive past, holding a view of presidential power that establishes a national security protectorate for the indefinite future, and total unseriousness with respect to the debt and defusing Islamist terror - rather than provoking it even further.

At least this time, we will have more than eight weeks to vet her. But when a politician believes she does not need to respond to the press, when in fact she now uses the fiction that she too is the press and should be asking questions of others, when the platform she has been given provides her with total immunity from direct criticism along with a megaphone for lies, we are in trouble as a democracy.

She is a symptom of a broken political and journalistic system. She is not a tabloid story. She is a threat.

I am still skeptical of Palin's resurgence into political office. She seems motivated solely by self-interest and money, I don't see political office being a part of that. She just loves to wink about a greater cause and tell people Obama and Democrats aren't for the greater cause, but she didn't quit being governor for that cause. She did quit to have someone ghost write a book, tour the U.S. in a bus to sell that book, give nonsensical speeches with gross misinformation and the now the Fox gig.

Yes I agree that Palin is dangerous, however that was established throughout the campaign. And as we have learned by watching the other teevee personalities from Scarborough, to Dobbs and now Schultz; the idea of running for office sounds prettier than the actual grind. Plus the money is hard to walk away from, who wants socialist pay and socialist health care anyway?

I will say I do fear a Palin on steroids, that will issue an apology some years later for ruining Major League Baseball and America.

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sterno said...

I'm skeptical of whether she really wants to be President, but consider what her motivations are:

1) Money
2) Celebrity

Right now she has #2 and is getting more and more of #1. However, her celebrity is premised on her running for the Presidency. So if she decided to give that up she'd fall of the radar which would cost her celebrity and money.

So I think she may have to make a go of it in order to stay on the radar. I don't see her as the type to just settle back and be happy with what she already has.

If she ever won the office though, God help us. If you thought Bush didn't give a damn about actually running the country, you ain't seen nothin'. Bush at least felt a compulsion to try to outshine his Father. Palin has ZERO interest in governance, it's just a path to celebrity for her.

Asian-American Pundit said...

I feel Fox is going to try to mold her to be the "White Oprah." She can still get her feeling of being "influential" while staying out of the office. Do you see what happened with her bus tour? I just don't think she is a campaigner and lacks any real aspiration for the presidency.

I do agree that we would all be effed if she ever was elected. I happen to think America is smarter than that, but I have been wrong before.