Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rage the Eff On

This is why I write because sometimes you read something and yell at the screen at the alternate reality taking place. You read it and you know America has a lot to work to do and the reason you pen with rage is because people just don't get it. How I am not sure, but you know you have to keep on trucking because this shit gets a man enraged.


Mort Zuckerman pronounces:

He didn’t address the main issue.

He means the economy. How anyone who has been sentient this past year can say such a thing merely reveals how effective the propaganda has been. Let's review: a stimulus package that has clearly helped turn the economy around and was skilfully structured to ensure that it didn't entirely fade away when the second year came around, a third of which was tax cuts; a bank bailout that is now being paid back; a lifeline to the car industry; major investment in infrastructure; extension of unemployment benefits; avoidance of a second great depression and a return to fragile but real growth after the financial and economic abyss of a year ago ...
I mean he didn't address the main issue??

What the fuck is he talking about?

But this will be the reality because this is the easy reality and our politics now lives off of created reality, not the data. For Zuckerman, the idea of extending health insurance to the working poor in a period of immense economic insecurity is not addressing the main issue. He is, of course, a billionaire diner at Michael's whose own access to the best healthcare in the world is automatic. And he wants a Democratic president to share those priorities.

We are battling the most closed minded group of people, who want to rewrite history. They take no blame for their faults and trounce repetitive talking points backed by intellectually bankrupt ideals. No this isn't anything new, but it has become increasingly tiring and my head is sore from slamming it on my desk.

Yesterday I spatted a bit of debate with a complete stranger who had some viable points, but was missing the point. The only party who has attempted to fix our economy are the Democrats. And although one might be frustrated with their tactics, there has been nothing but obstructionism and misinformation from the GOP. Nothing. Not a damned thing.

What the people of Massachusetts did yesterday was reinforce that Congress has to pass health care reform faster, enact another jobs bill and repair our financial system or the people will act foolishly. They will act with a populist anger so reckless that no amount of clapping will save us. Sullivan is right the propaganda machine is working. It is working to the detriment of our nation and elitists like Mort Zuckerman will applaud it all the way to the fucking end of the Earth. And why? Because they don't give a fuck about people actually losing jobs, they don't give a fuck about how bad shit will get, they care that it makes a president or the Senate or whoever doesn't agree with them the loser.


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