Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hawk to the Hall of Fame

Congrats to Andre Dawson being elected into the Hall of Fame. All by himself too!

One of my fondest childhood memories was the first Cubs game I ever attended. I think I was 9 or so. I can recall the smells of the game, the sight of the Ivy and the striped uniforms the Cubs wore that day. We were way up in the nose bleeds, but the memory of the entire experience is what keeps me going to the games to this day. The crack of the bat. The yelling by the vendors. And the roar from the crowd bouncing off the buildings on Sheffield and Waveland. There really is no feeling like it.

Dawson was the hero of the game that day, he hit a two run shot against the Phillies late in the game, while also sealing my fate as lifelong Cubs fan. It is nice to see Dawson, the man who defines Cubs players for me, finally get his due.

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