Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

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Well the world as we know it is upside down. The Democratic Party is over. Tea Baggers can win elections forever. Get ready for Republican rule for the rest of our lives. Obama is the Black Jimmy Carter. If you turn on the teevee or read the headlines, that is pretty much what the news outlets are saying. Wow. Our liberal media bias at work. Now, I am not going to downplay the significance of the win in Massachusetts, however if anything this should be a lesson to Democrats, if you play it lazy, if you don't get it done the people will forget how bad the other party is and vote against you. It is sad that the seat formally held by Ted Kennedy was won by such an asshat, but what we are going to hear for the next couple of weeks maybe months is exactly what I wrote above. It is not time to panic, but it is time to put a concerted focused effort so this doesn't happen throughout 2010. It is amazing how easily Americans forget. It is frustrating how easily Democrats whimper. Now is not the time. And man it is going to be annoying as all hell reading the VICTORY call from wing-nuts. And man is it going to be annoying hearing the media-duh for weeks to come. Watching Good Morning America it is *headslamondesk already. You would think Obama's presidency was already over.

Here are your highlights:

WAKE UP DEMOCRATS and let's do this thing already

Krugman explains it clearly, don't be Fools on the Hill! I am so sick of the whimpy Democrats/ Blue Dog nonsense about governing Republican lite. Note to Blue Dogs you are Republican lite! This is about getting things done, no one likes talks, more talks and another set of meetings, they like results and it is time for Democrats to get together and pass the shit they know needs to be done. Or else I am a Canadian...(such an idle threat, but hey Avril Lavigne is single now BOOM BABY!)


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