Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Yesterday while killing some time before Drinking Liberally I decided to walk in a quirky poster shop off Belmont. I was looking for nothing, but then I stumbled upon American Born Chinese, a graphic novel by Gene Yang. Now I had heard about this book last year sometime, for some reason I had never picked it up, but it was sitting there staring at me so I had to get it. Boy am I glad I did. American Born Chinese encapsulates the Asian-American ( as well as the American immigrant) story with simplicity, humor and intelligence. I am a fanboy of the graphic novel genre and so my expectations were rather high, ABC exceeded them quite surprisingly. I don't think I have ever read something that gets at what it is like growing up Chinese (or Asian for that matter) in America so cleanly. Yang with his illustrations and humor has given me a story to read to my kids (when I decide to have kids) and I am forever grateful for that. Instant classic. (for good measure more parenthesis)

Here are your highlights:

Tragedy in Haiti, major earthquake that has left the country devastated

This should help the cause....Gays vs. Democratic Party...going it alone are ya...? Might be good, it was never about the Democratic Party anyway

This is real, IPhone Duvet - I need a Droid just to piss off all my friends with an IPhone

Wow, that was fast and really surprising. Pete Carroll replaced by Lane Kiffin at USC

Oh to be a fly on the wall, president Barack Obama is meeting with the Party of No for their "issues conference." Yes the man is a glutton for punishment


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