Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Tonight is Laughing Liberally Chicago, so come out to the No Exit Cafe tonight at 8pm to see the Accountants of Homeland Security and some very funny comedians. Last night the lady and I enjoyed some bubbly with friends and spent most of the night discussing Lady Gaga. No really. I am taking the lady to the Gaga concert this was her Christmas gift don't hate. Luckily us guys got away and talked all things America and comic books. Mostly Deadpool, Green Lantern and a heated debate about whether Dick Grayson sucks. I think he does, my buddy worships him. LOL, wuss. We also talked about this upcoming year and how much we need to move to LA. Anyone else already have the winter weather blues? Last night we sure did.

Here are your highlights:

That 1937 Feeling - Krugman gives the administration and the Fed a historical reality check

Space so weird and so cooooool

With recent Dems announcing retirement, the media is picking up the Republican talking point "they are dropping like flies" except more Republicans have announced not seeking re-election than Democrats....hmmm...

Secret Society! Secret Society! Skull and Bones for auction

Arnold the Governator boldly destroying his state one bad policy at a time

The backfiring of a surveillance state; Greenwald points out, better than the NYTIMES I might add, that our system is failing us because it is crowded with too much information. Misleads, counter-leads, extra junk and over reaching policies; all championed by the fear mongers. Must read.


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