Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

Howdy Tuesday! Normally I would be ranting and raving about stuff here, but instead I am going to save it for tomorrow night's State of the Union. Drinking Liberally was moved to tomorrow to accommodate the President and his big moment of unifying. It's not going to happen, but man it would be nice if he went American President on everyone. Heck even Dave! Talk about jobs, jobs and more jobs for people. Forget about the Republicans and go it alone, alas most likely we will get enough bipartisan to chew on we will vomit all over the teevee (ok sorry little bit of a rant). Anyone catch Castle last night? It was yet another fine episode. Sadly the lady had it figure out in the first 30 seconds, so CASTLE PEOPLE LISTEN UP. Mix it up a bit. I know you writers don't trust a soul near ya, especially your family members, but we are on to you and that is not good. P.S. Castle kiss Beckett already!

Here are your highlights:

The Spending Freeze, as I spoke about last night, economists didn't have nice things to say about it; political gimmick, "Dingbat Kabuki" and unseriousness

Give them an inch they take a mile, Gregg says Republicans will make reconciliation "extraordinarily difficult"...OBAMA ADMINISTRATION ARE YOU HEARING THIS?!!

A day late, Boxing Round Up

Tea Party imploding? The latest from the Sarah Palin is god crowd....they are destroying themselves from within and finally catching on that they are being played by major corporations and political action groups. The bigger question we are still asking is, what the eff do Teabaggers actually stand for other than old fashion racism, catch phrases and talking points?


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