Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

(been listening to them a lot lately that's all, plus Mindy White kind of rules)

Yesterday was downright depressing. I received some bad news and am trying to be as calm as can be about it. Let's just say My Chinese Proverb has come with a high price tag. I am sure this is all part of the plan for when they make "Frank Chow: A Life of Rage" on HBO or something it will make for a good story line. Frank will be tattered and beaten, but not fall, you know 300 style without the capes, I mean who wears capes these days except for Wiccan, medieval times extras and creepy Harry Potter lovers (my abs look oh so much like those dudes in 300 btw). Needless to say the lady I kicked back, watched Castle (Alyssa Milano still gorgeous) and enjoyed a nice bottle of Yellow Tail. Why? That's how I roll.

Here are your highlights:

Bank of America has even more to be ashamed about, who would have thought?

More on the Obama banking fee: note this is more cleaning of G-Dub's mess and another thing if I hear one more stupid article about the point of view of bankers or their lobby I AM GOING TO GO HULK ON SOMEONE!!! Who cares about these people? Why should we care what they are for or against anymore? These sociopaths deserve nothing.

Prop 8 is being contested in court, which is probably the best bet for gay rights activists IMO, and the arguments seem to be in stark contrast. The "traditional marriage" side really has a vacant argument; it involves fear, irrational thought and speculation. It should spark a change if gay marriage gets the win, we can only hope...


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