Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

Get ready for laughter in 2010 bitches! Holla Tuesday! Holla Wednesday! Holla Friday! The comedy is going to be strong in Chicago this year. Tonight at Chicago Underground Comedy there is an awesome line-up including Prescott Tolk, Nick Vatterot and the newly anointed one Adam Burke. Tomorrow Laughing Liberally kicks off the new year with a stellar line-up starring the Accountants of Homeland Security...and expect a Frank Chow siting (hint I will be in attendance). Finally Friday is a big deal for some good friends of mine, The Comedians You Should Know will be debuting their monthly showcase at the Lakeshore Theater. I am so old I remember when these guys were rehearsing routines at a small cafe in Rogers Park in front of an audience of 12 people. Amazing how things change and a well deserved rise to some of the hardest working comedians I am lucky to know.

Here are your highlights:

Yesterday I raged about credit cards, one lawyer is fighting back, "I'll Sue You"

Well are you suprised? Tea Party Slogan 2010

Change we can believe in: Hilda Solis defends workers' rights across America, proof if you elect Democrats there actually is a significant difference in their governance and it benefits your everyday life. Of course I am a communist for not thinking tax cuts are the key to consumer protection and workers' interests...


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