Thursday, January 21, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

What Now?! The sky is falling. Democrats everywhere running scared. Please. Spare me. The narrative from the major news outlets is that Obama was never elected and the Democrats weren't given a sweeping majority. Yes Scott Brown won, but it says more about Massachusetts then anything. I am not buying some of the cowering being reported in, but then again I wouldn't be surprised. Like I stated yesterday progressives need to be even more aggressive. I will spare you the cheer leading because frankly my feet are frozen from the Chicago fuggin weather and I gots boots! Jersey Shore finale is tonight (how's that for transition bitches), so you know what the lady and I will be doing. Yeah they are everything I don't want to be, but it is damn fun watching them be everything and a bag of pickles! Holla! Fist pumping all day!

Aight so here's the Situation:

Paul Volcker Prevails, after Goldman Sucks posts RIDONKULOUS profits, the administration looks to reign in the fat cats

Dear Lady get this dress, thanks, Gameboy Girl

Legislating from the bench, say goodbye to "honest campaigns" forever

Health care reform, of all the options right now some Dems are going with the Underpants Gnome or worse, the "Piecemeal" approach won't work. Pass the damn bill.


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