Thursday, January 14, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

The earthquake that struck Haiti has left complete devastation. The early reports have not been promising and country that just seemed to be turning is now in disarray. Many organizations have avenues for you to donate and help out the relief efforts including former President Bill Clinton's Foundation. Even the slightest amount offers doctors and those on the ground much needed assistance. Give if you can, please.

Here are your highlights:

Elizabeth Warren says Timmeh ain't doing enough

What Teabaggers? Scott Brown running for Senate in Mass turns his back thrice on the Tax Tea Party....uh oh....

Moral Bankruptcy: we have lost our way and allowed free market love fests to shape our society

Texas would like to edumacate and deestroy historee to your kids without gubbament money tanks very much

Say No to the NFL Monopoly, Justice Sotomayor to the NFL's attorney, "You are seeking through this ruling what you haven't gotten from Congress: an absolute bar to an antitrust claim."


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