Monday, January 18, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Monday

A quick weekend indeed. The lady and I started off heading out to bowl and ended up at a hipster diner downing some booze. I kicked off Saturday with games of basketball, which I am still sore from, followed by a nice evening with the lady and I simply chilling. Sunday we rocked the grocery store action, football and then the HEAVENS OPENED UP AND GOD WAS GOOD TO ME! The lady made her grandmother's famous coffee cake. You say coffee cake? Frank what's so great about that? Only that God himself smiles every time it comes out of the oven! Just homemade goodness to your morning. And yes I will eat it all tonight. I am in the office as my company is anti-Uhmerican and we work on MLK day. It would be interesting to know what he would be doing if he were alive during our current political climate.

Here are your highlights:

Foreclosure crisis? It's not even close to being over

Chicago Bears Defensive End Gaines Adams passed away yesterday morning

Ezra Klein has done the leg work so we don't have to, Putting the Health Care Bill in Perspective

What the Republicans really think?

There have been some rather stupid email blasts lately from progressive groups. And by stupid I mean, "GET RAHM!" or "Tell Obama No!" or "Obama is McCain" These self defeating attacks seem just as irrational as the right wing rants on RedState. Digby paints a little reality on the movement right now. Letting the Republicans win back a couple of seats to prove Democrats "we won't take it." Might be the worst idea ever and are you really willing to let a single right wing, tea party approved Republican in Congress? I don't because I care about the future of our country and fighting ourselves is not worth letting crazy "take the country back."


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