Monday, January 11, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Monday

Well it was a GaGa weekend, I took the lady to the Rosemont Theater to see Lady Gaga live and she was beyond thrilled. Needless to say it was quite entertaining, no pants, lots of dancing and tons of whacked out and weirdness to go around. I think I might have found a hobby better than people watching at the airport, Gaga fans (or "Little Monsters" as she refers to them) watching. It was great to see the lady enjoying herself and although Gaga isn't my particular musical tastes, girl puts on a good show. So this was the weekend of Gaga. I did get in some football on Sunday and let me tell you, Arizona and Green Bay had no intention of playing defense. It was hard to watch at times. How do you miss a 34 yard chip shot? An amazing finish though for Arizona, who should have a shoot out next week in New Orleans.

Here are your highlights:

Obama looks to impose fees on banks, awww this sounds like...KARMA! (although I doubt it will be as stringent as I would propose)

The Village all want a Daddy as their president

Hate Crime in Chicago? Men beat and hurled gay slurs at victim

Rep. Gresham Barrett (S.C.) champion of "fear the brown people": Lindsey Graham someone is gunning for your stupid

2010 Census, for the first time the government is trying to reach out to normally overlooked communities with posters in their native language

Gay marriage in California is about to have a showdown

McChrystal: "We're Turning the Tide in Afghanistan" which of course means to Joe Lieberman and John McShame WAR IN YEMEN!!

Ta-Nehisi Coates, On Harry Reid, the cries from the GOP and the right wing for Harry Reid's head show how little they understand about themselves and the country. It is a lack of self-awareness that is astonishing


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