Monday, January 4, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Monday

Happy New Year!! That's right ladies and gentlemen it is 2010, wow what a relief. Last year was full of headaches, struggles and a ton and I mean a ton of filibusterin'. We have ahead of us what possible could be a monumental year; health care reform is on the table, climate change is still mulling about and 2010 elections in the fall. The most important thing, however is the rebuilding and revitalization of the Washington Redskins! I could go on and on about Jim Zorn and his firing, but let us Skins fans just breathe this is time for change. Let's hope Snyder makes the right choice and then backs the eff off. Go Skins! And I hope all of you had a nice new year! The lady and I certainly did, getting some much needed R & R.

Here are your highlights:

The crazy has been attempting to re-write history for years...Texas Board of Education right-wing textbooks are the latest

How to fix the bobble-heads? FACT-CHECK!

It's Come to This, fair trials are "controversial"

New Mexico tea partiers, love derr guns, especially at an Anti-Obama rally. And if this isn't a sign of more to come, I don't know what is, Obama effigy reported in Georgia. Let this be a wake up call for every post-racial piece you read or those pretending Obama isn't threatened. This is the reality of our world and now that Obama has been in office one year we can only expect to see how frightening America can be...I hope I am wrong...


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