Friday, January 29, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Friday

Yesterday was rough for the lady. Not cool. I think she got some sort of stomach bug or just ate something that set her off. Luckily today she is much better and hopefully this weekend she will be back in full force. This weekend our plans are to relax and do much of nothing. I will most likely be juicing my pecs and eating protein shakes as I am still hoping to audition for Jersey Shore II. No joke, how cool would that be? An Asian juicehead?! I tan easy. I can fist pump like crazy and my nickname is solid. Franky C. Ok am I the only one still depressed by the show's finale. I need a fix...wait that just solved my weekend, Jersey Shore reruns!

Here are your highlights:

March of the Deficit Peacocks

Job creation? Tax credit for hiring businesses?

The Party of No strikes again with Paygo
, psst Obama, they don't give a damn about anyone, but themselves. They aren't serious about deficits and they aren't serious in general. Hooray for bipartisan fairies!

Uh-oh Link out of hearts

Axelrod is Captain Obvious, "Great Political Mistake" to walk away from health care

At home, things are starting to matter. That's right Illinois is back on the map! Remember the state that Obama lived in before he was president? Tuesday marks the primaries and then it is all out battle. Early polls are looking decent, but the most interesting race will be for Governor.


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