Monday, January 18, 2010

And the Children throw a Temper Tantrum

Huffington Post:

Critics of the Obama administration's proposed bank tax have called the levy arbitrary, punitive and unfair. Now they may repeat those same claims in court.

The banking industry, the New York Times reports today, is hoping to stave off a tax that could cost the largest firms more than $1.5 billion each.

The Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA), the banks' top lobbying group, the NYT reports, is currently considering challenging the constitutionality of Obama's Financial Crisis Responsibility Fee. According to an email from SIFMA to Wall Street's banks obtained by the NYT, the tax "would unfairly single out and penalize big banks."

We should make it even a harsher punishment. Perhaps putting them in time out and taking away their after dinner teevee privileges? Threatening them with a wooden spoon or daddy will bring out the leather belt to give them a whopping? Maybe take away their play time with mistresses and transformers?

As I said to Paddy K over the weekend we should collect the TARP money and all the other "earned dollars" these fat cats have received from taxpayers with the same standard they apply to their victims, with interest and excessive fees. It would only be fair, especially after this behavior. Sadly, with Dodd looking to destroy the Consumer Protection Agency, Frank losing his fortitude and Brown perhaps getting elected in Mass; the banks again look to be winning.

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