Thursday, January 14, 2010

Amtrak goes Wi-Fi


For months, travel message boards have been abuzz with rumors of Amtrak’s very quiet trial rollout of free WiFi on select Acela Express trains. Now, Amtrak has officially announced that they will finally begin to provide wireless internet access on trains and that fleet upgrades are planned for the future.

In conference calls and a five year financial plan (PDF), the government-owned corporation said that after a review of the early trials, WiFi will be fully launched on Acela Express high speed trains by March. The service will initially be free, though Amtrak says “pricing may change depending on customer response, system performance and costs.” WiFi may be extended to other routes in the future.

In addition to free wireless internet, Amtrak CEO Joseph Boardman has said the company plans to upgrade cars and locomotives. “It’s time to replace our aging fleet,” Boardman said in a conference call.

This is good news and makes taking the train to Mattoon, IL a little more bearable. Now when will we get high speed rail...

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