Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Republican Scandals of the Decade & The Village Explained

Marc Ambinder has a poll at the Atlantic asking readers, "What is the best (or worst) Republican political scandal of the decade?" His choices are as follows: Sen. Larry Craig's airport rendezvous, Abramoff investigation, Sanford off to Argentina, Rep. Mark Foley's dirty little IM's...

I can't think of a better way to explain the Village to anyone unfamiliar with the concept and term.

Jamison Foster:

Not mentioned? The Bush administration lying its way into a war of choice, listening in on the phone conversations of Americans, torture, Abu Ghraib, putting an unqualified crony in charge of FEMA, the US Attorneys firing, outing a CIA operative to get back at her husband, etc.

I don't think Ambinder is unique in his view of what constitutes a major political scandal, not by any stretch of the imagination. But when the political/media elite come to view the possibility that Larry Craig tried to pick up a guy in an airport as more scandalous than Abu Ghraib, warrantless wiretapping of Americans, or the dishonest march to war against a country that didn't attack us, we're in pretty bad shape.

Heck, I think it also explained the term *headslamondesk If there is one thing in 2009 that I sure hope changes in 2010 is how diluted our discourse has become. From the election on we have lived in an alternative universe where looking back is frowned upon, learning from our mistakes is unheard of and accountability is a witch hunt. I just don't get it. My hope is probably a lost cause, but it would be nice to bring in a little sound dialog in this nation. As Al Franken so aptly put it on the Senate floor, "we are not entitled to our own facts." Yet after this kind of banner year, I say we are entitled to our own facts and the Village and the oh so liberal media will aptly applaud their audacity.

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