Monday, December 28, 2009

It's Only Just Begun

Guilty of watching a DVD and talking Arab-

Officials say two passengers who were removed from a Phoenix-bound flight Saturday after others aboard the plane noticed "suspicious" activity were not doing anything wrong.

Suzanne Trevino, a spokesperson with Transportation Security Administration (TSA), said US Airways Flight 192 was inbound from the Orlando, Florida when a passenger reported seeing two other passengers talking "suspiciously."

FBI spokesperson Manuel Johnson said a female passenger overheard the two men, described by officials as Middle Eastern, speaking loudly in a foreign language and reported them to airline staff.

According to Johnson, the two men were talking about being late for their flight and not being able to shop at the airport before boarding their flight to Phoenix.

The men were reportedly watching the movie "The Kingdom" on a portable DVD player while talking, and the female passenger, who was sitting near the men, thought this was suspicious and reported them to flight personnel.

Johnson said at least one of the men also got out of his seat when he was not supposed to.

TSA and officers from the Phoenix Police Department met the plane at the gate when it arrived at Sky Harbor Saturday night.

Johnson said the two men were removed from the flight and questioned by the FBI.

He said they were fully cooperative and it was determined the men had done nothing wrong. They were released and allowed to continue on to their final destination, Los Angele

(h/t Atrios) Fear the Brown People 2010 getting a head start.

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