Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Illinois to detain Terrorists, Let the "Fear the Brown People" Begin

I just love this country! Illinois is going to house some (NOT ALL ONLY SOME) of the Gitmo detainees in hopes of blotting out this stain in American history. Of course there is much uproar and much more fear the brown people.

From the Bankrupt Paper comments section:

Razldazlrr- Oh great - just what we need. The King has spoken and moving the terrorists to Illinois - let's hope they keep them outside in the cold a big portion of the time. I think a lot of the crazy libs are more worried about the gitmo terrorists than they are US citizens. Personally, most of them should just be exterminated (terrorists that is)

CiceroUnga- Don't forget the free Link cards, Wic cards, and EBT cards. Oh yes, they get free cell phones now, too.

dalmatian847- Better yet, how about putting them in Englewood or Roselawn or some of the other communities Obama helped "organized" where no terror suspect in their right mind would want to live.

CulpeperMinutemen- Man oh man, you dems/libbies would sell your mother's soul to buy a vote. Are you not motivated by principal at all? What will you all be saying in about a year when the families of these pieces of crap start moving in and building their Mosques (temples of hate), with the call to morning & evening prayer! I honestly have more respect for the Taliban & Al-Qaida.

And oh so much more! I often wonder how many adult diapers sell daily in America, obviously a lot.

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