Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Today is my Friday and I am g.d. excited. Yesterday was more of a cluster fugg than the day before as the lady and I tried to salvage the Xmas present I got her. Two things I hate in the world Ticketmaster and ticket bookers. There has to be a better way than having some scalper hoard tickets online and then charge you twice what they paid. THERE HAS TO BE!!! The New Year is creeping up on us and we have to get some resolutions going. Mine is simple. Take over the effin world...small task I know...the Huffington Post does have a small resolution that might change the scope our of Wall St. ruled system. Move your Money. It is an ambitious project that actually has a good point. We should be able to decide who and what is done with our money. Ripples in a pond my friends. Ripples.

Here are your highlights:

Dick being Dick aka a coward and a disgrace

If you haven't noticed alllllllll effin year, a Big Double Standard for Obama

A great year one analysis of President Barack Obama by Paul Starr - it is hard to believe it has been almost a full year since his inauguration and Starr puts it in historical context. It will be interesting to watch, but what sticks out to me most is all the criticism that Obama too for not doing enough to shape health care reform might ultimately turn out to be why it passes...


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