Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

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It is 12 degrees outside with wind chill 0 degrees and my cold hands are still recovering. Also there is a visitor in the office today who is supposed to be really really really important. I am in super under cover ninja mode. I actually am quite excited as I have only two days left at work then I will have time off to see family and friends for the holiday. I am still warring on Christmas. I am still raging on New Years and I am still raging on the Senate and it's stupid faux health care debate. So let's do this, ninja vanish!

Here are your highlights:

Anybody go to the fight at UIC? Boxing Weekend Round Up

Bernanke is on the cover of TIME *headslamondesk, let's hope the curse lives on

WOW Hooters gift cards, stay classy Chamber of Commerce

Gitmo North, Glenn Greenwald on a civil liberties tirade, still shaking in your boots neo-cons?

Nate Silver is saying progressives are crazy for trying to kill the bill, progressives are up in arms! John Cole points out THERE IS NO GOING BACK. I for one am with Cole and Silver on this one, the principal of the argument from the Left is right on, but the passion is misdirected. Getting reform done is paramount and changing the bill over time is the best way to actual progressive legislation.


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sterno said...

I still disagree :)