Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

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Hello Tuesday! This week over yet. Yep had a bad day yesterday, don't really want to talk about it, so let's not. The year is almost over and you know what that means...LISTS!!! Frank will be compiling his very own lists to ring out the year and welcome the new one. I am not a fan of NYE celebrations, probably will stay in, but lists I am all about. Here is what I will be looking at Best Albums, Songs, Movies, Eff Ups and Wankstas...maybe some more if I am feeling zealous.

Here are your highlights:

The Republican spin machine on spending is really a farce, Medicare Part D Revisited

Um what? Blue Moon

Sen. Jim DeMint blocking the TSA chief nomination, accountability by the media of the greatest deliberative body 3, 2, 1....oh wait that NEVER HAPPENS!

An Email from Nigeria- We haven't done enough reflection during the "War on Terror". I hope more and more people send in emails and letters like this one to remind us of the dangers of profiling and ill-advised paranoia. The right wing will continue to rile up fear, the blue dogs and Lieberman's will follow suit and it will be up to rational people (like Spencer Ackerman in the above video) to keep America from the "fear the brown people" mentality.


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