Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

I am sorry I had major internet issues that last couple of days WHAT DO I DO WITH ME LIFE NOW?!! So what I miss? The Dems made 60 votes, the Redskins got smoked and the lady received her gift from me and it was a MAJOR HIT!! Let's just say I win and I always do, so just dance. I am excited as late last night Poppa Frank and Sista Frank made it through the snow and highway nonsense to Chicago safely. I will be blogging lightly for the rest of the week which really isn't that much difference that what I already do I guess. Oh well. Egg nog to be drank, Winter Lager's to be loved and warm wine to be gulped.

Here are your highlights:

The Left vs. Left fight is getting ugly

The Mayor of Chicago is pushing for JOBS! for Wal-Mart *slamheadondesk

Health Care Game is shaping up

I want a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Snuggie, yeah I said it

Rep. Parker Griffith (AL) Blue Dog Dem turning Republican, let him the first of many. I am more than okay with another obstructionists non-Democrats going to the party he actually belongs to ELEPHUGG

So many stories, so little time- the media and their 2009 FAIL


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