Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

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Well well well. I am full of rage. Friggin busy as all hell at work. Frustrated with the upcoming frigid weather and every morning hearing about only two things. Tiger Woods and THE STUPID WHITE HOUSE PARTY CRASHERS! Want to know what is wrong with our media? That sums it up. For about, what seems like an eternity, all we hear about is these two attention grabbing nothings, and a guy who was in a car accident. A CAR ACCIDENT! Are you fuggin kidding me? What a waste of time and airwaves, no wonder we have a misinformed public about the health care debate, Senators and Representatives getting away with being corporate ass hats and John McCain on the teevee all the time. It's nothing but a circus and no one in the media and I mean NO ONE wants to actually stop and think, "hey maybe we shouldn't give this anymore thought, there are more pressing issues."

Here are your highlights:

Poverty keeps growing, but the press is almost blind to it (and the Beltway)

In a moment of predictability, the press went to the Cheney well, guess what he had to say...


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