Thursday, December 10, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

My mind is kind of all over the place today. Been busy preparing for an audition, taking care of my lady and going over my gifts to family members and friends. I apologize ahead of time...the gifts are not that good this year. It has been tough trying to find perfect stuff for people you really love. Plus, the Redskins have stolen my checkbook and Dan Snyder is a bitch...wait what? Sorry I blacked out. It is 4 degrees in Chicago with the wind we are in the negatives and by the looks of things it isn't getting any better. I know I know, I CHOSE to move here, doesn't mean I have to like the winter, fuggers.

Here are your highlights:

Al Grayson, Saying what few lawmakers will, what a breath of fresh air a Dem who actually calls the GOP out

Sarah Palin vs. Al Gore, I would have to call this a 1st Round KO for Al, but it sums up how far the media have fallen

A special Dunk hat tip to part time contributor Paddy K and his lovely wife who yesterday welcomed a new born baby girl into the world! Carys Rose. Send your love, prayers and congratulations to Paddy K and his family, Carys is truly beautiful.


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