Thursday, December 31, 2009

Get Your Dunkin New Year's Eve

Wow. Did all this go by fast, nothing quite like a fast paced and ridiculous year. It has been fun and much more is to be done in 2010, the Frank and the Chow can't wait. Outside the weather is pretty awful. The lady and I's plans to ring in the New Year are some definite rest and relaxation. We decided to keep it chill and let the amateurs get hammered and messy on NYE this year. Don't worry all we aren't abandoning the idea of the ritual of NYE just this year it seems appropriate to have it be her and I...and some bubbly. All the best to all of you! Happy New Year!

Here are your highlights:

Craving Terrorist Melodrama

The No Shame GOP

Good new is good news, jobless claims fall unexpectedly

Time for me to get a new car and a DeLorean sounds perfect!

Oh this always weirds me out, but people are already celebrating the New Year across the globe, Happy New Year Sydney!

My favorite part about this time of year besides the obvious time with friends and family is College Football. I am not a fan of the bowl game format, however I get psyched for the competition. College sports always are more exciting due to the lack of experience, momentum shifts and the storied histories. Here's hoping for a Roll Tide Win (but why is it the 7th of Jan)!


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