Monday, December 28, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Monday

I am back! Howdy! How was everyone's holiday? Enjoy your time off? I must say it was a fantastic time, full of booze, love and presents. Santa rocks! The family treks back to Virginia today, so keep them in your prayers. It is weird. Once you move away the holidays, whether you like them or not, mean much more when someone drives 14 hours to share it with you. Side note: If you drive through the snow with a broken windshield wiper that spreads mud in your line of vision, you swerve on country roads and you have to draft behind large trucks all to see your lady...that is love. So what I miss? Terrorists? Attempted terrorists? Apparently Obama has already failed since the terrorist failed...or something. Let's do this. Before the year is over we must spend our due diligence thwarting the "fear the brown people" mentality.

Here are your highlights:

The pants wetting has begun, Nate Silver breaks it down logically by the numbers- while the right wing want to profile everyone Muslim and brown

Shifting the Burden: the Repubs want to repeal health care reform, do it.. go ahead...and make my day

That didn't take long, Joe Lieberman already onto the next war, YEMEN MUST FALL

Our Dumb Country: abstinence only programs don't work

The End of the Zorn Era, last night was embarrassing, brutal and the opposite of everything I love about football. I had hoped for Zorn at the beginning, but that quickly faded when it turned out he didn't really have any grasp on how to run a team. Snyder of course never helped. Looking at the upcoming draft the offensive line isn't going to improve greatly, the defense still has some gaping holes at linebacker and the secondary and we don't have a healthy #1 back. That being said, I am excited for the possibility of Mike Shanahan taking over and just forgetting the last two seasons ever happened.


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