Friday, December 4, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Friday

Sorry for the late posting action, I decided to take today off for some much needed R & R. If you have the days off people, you gots to take them. Today marks one year and six months since the lady and I started dating. Pretty much amazing. She is the rock in my life and I couldn't be more grateful. She was one of the few to encourage me to find this outlet and start writing again. So yeah that's my mush for the day. How is the world? What's new? Who is raging and who deserves to be raged on? (that sounded dirty). Ladies and gents big news coming up soon I suggest you stay tuned.

Here are your highlights:

Do Obama officials know what his Afghanistan plan is?

Aetna dropping coverage for profits, WHY DO WE HAVE ANYONE DEFENDING THESE PEOPLE!!!!??!!!

Nerds crying everywhere, World Of Warcraft has been beaten

Not surprised here, but Palin is a birther

Calling the GOP's bluff, with all the hoopla surrounding the health care debate, it has become more and more clear the GOP just wants to maintain the status quo. Their latest was to have all members of Congress partake in the public option which is actually a good idea. I mean that would force it to be competitive. Lord knows they wouldn't let themselves have bad insurance. Sherrod Brown, thinks it is a great idea too, but alas for some reason the two right wing Senators just don't want any co-sponsors. Bluff called


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