Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Dunkin

I am sucker for Christmas Eve in Illinois. The snow is on the ground. The wine and eggnog is flowing. And my family, the lady and the spirit of the holiday are all here. There's really nothing more satisfying after such a dramatic and historic year. Everyone already beat me to the punch on the health care vote. Much work is yet to be done, but for today all I have to say is, "Merry Christmas you wonderful Building & Loan!"

Here are your highlights:

It was close, real close both times, but the House and Senate came through

Linsday Graham gives the ultimate Republican Freudian slip...on why he opposes (and some of his buddies) health care reform...the black people... ooops

How wrong they were in August, Krugman nails it on the head

Congrats Geekologie writer for Merry Xmas Milestone

The Village has spoken, it's not bipartisan which of course is Obama and the Dem's fault

And with all my cheery awesomeness, The History of the White House on Christmas, hope all is well and merry and BRRRRIIIIIGHTHTHTHTHTH!!!


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