Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Midday Dunkin

Well the lady and I are back from an awesome trip in Washington D.C. We got to see old friends, family and the Redskins BEAT THE BRONCOS!!! Are you kidding me?!! How great was that? The one single glip of hope I needed to believe my life long investment into the Redskins is worth it. Okay, so here are so quick links to get me and you back in the fold of all things politics and the world.

Drifty, Going Vague

The Filibuster sucks

Ethics investigation for Michele "Queen Winguttia" Bachmann?

Senate Public Option Scorecard...is actually quite promising



Paddy K said...

Welcome back. Game on.

Didn't we just have a debate recently about how you can't broad-brush American political wings? But here you are with a link to Driftglass' "Going Vague", the thesis of which is: Republicans are whackos therefore David Brooks' dismissal of Palin doesn't count.

"...the bizarrely ubiquitous David Fucking Brooks continues to back-stroke his way across the American media pitching the preposterous theory that "Palin Wing" of the GOP is just a loud, angry, goofy bunch of cranks way out on fringe of the his Party."

So, it's not good enough when Brooks and G. Will disown Palin. It's not good enough when a Buckley votes for Obama due to Palin being on the McCain ticket. Republicans are just all populist, anti-intellectual crazies and/or corporate conspirators out to eff the common man. And why not? If they're all nuts and/or THE MAN, it's a lot easier for lefties and Dems to look down on them and be right about everything... I mean, if the other side is nuts, then why even bother coming up with a well-reasoned argument? Ranting about them being idiots is WAY more fun.

Asian-American Pundit said...

I like how I post a link of a friend and suddenly I am brazened with a response to HIS writing.

If you have a bone to pick with Drifty by all means, but don't be surprised if you get a thorough take down.

I will say this, the GOP sponsored a Tea Party the day of health care debate, someone brought a baby to House floor, they are fear mongering about the 9/11 trials and they give audience to those who hang effigies of elected officials and hold posters comparing Health Care Reform to the Holocaust.

Whether Brooks, or G Will or any pundit for that matter think they get out of jail free for disowning Palin is silly. This is the monster they created and it something they have an ownership to, they are products of a much bigger issue.

I suggest checking out Rick Perlstein and any of his writings, http://bigthink.com/rickperlstein/big-think-interview-with-rick-perlstein

A well reasoned argument has been and always will be part of what progressives look for, but if you haven't noticed the Repubs and the fringe have not been bringing reasonable arguments to the table. Unless of course you consider death panels, gubbament takeover, Obama is from Kenya and he is letting Al Queada loose all over the map.

So we have fun pointing these things out and are genuinely concerned about the state of the Republican party and the Democratic Party as well.

But don't call me the painter of broadness when you broadly brush about "lefties" as not bring up rational arguments and "sticking to the man" nonsense. It's ok once in awhile to have a little fun with the opposition.

Paddy K said...

Why would I bother emailing Drifty? Judging by his writing he's more interested in coming up with witty put-downs than actually discussing an issue. I read the op-eds in the NYT and the WaPo almost every day. I can then contrast with the nut-jobbery I see on Media Matters. It's not the same, IMHO, so I just don't buy the "you created this monster." If we're going to play that game, then we should just shut off the TV and stop reading newspapers, because the media LOVES a right-wing nutjob.

The majority of Republicans don't support Palin. But on TV it's cheering crowds from coast to coast of "real America."

There's having fun with the opposition and there's intellectual laziness. It's a lot easier to write a rant than to dissect an argument.

[Since my sarcasm last time is now equated with broad-brushing lefties, let me be clear: SARCASM FOLLOWS] But you know what, you're right. Republicans are just stupid, including the one you had dinner with on Sunday night and some others close to you. It's their fault Palin and Bachmann and Limbaugh exist and we should mock them until they convert and see the error of their ways.