Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

I am up and at it early. The lady is still not feeling well, so everyone keep her in your thoughts. OR ELSE. Last night was spent watching shows that would make her smile and Castle. Anyone watch this show? Anyone enjoy fun crime shows? I sure find NCSI's to be a little to Michael Bay for me, but Castle has that play of banter I prefer. Not mind blowing, but still enjoyable. It's Monday and I gave up on Heroes a year ago, so I need something else people. If it is not about real super heroes battling out and instead about stupid time traveling love fests it is shit tv. Yeah I said it.

Here are your highlights:

Just wondering

My local Senate race is between a Bushite and some guy who looks 12, of course the 12 year old is in the lead

The Republican Health Care plan unveiled! It is just as bad as it sounds

Oh post racial America how I love thee, the first US NY Marathon winner in NY is apparently not American enough

We have seen this all before and smells familiar. Translation: Michelle Obama an active and prominent first lady is obviously just as evil, socialist and conspiratorial as her husband the Muslim. Where does she get off doing interviews? Where does she get off smiling? Where does she get off being all uppity?


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